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I am a product of California’s Central Valley, the region in which I have spent most of my life. It is in this place, and in this time of turbulent national politics and social change, that I have developed my artistic style. This, combined with my lifelong interest in history, led me to develop the philosophies reflected in my illustrations. 


I believe that the same characters reappear with every generation. Even as the physical world around us changes and bears no resemblance to what came before, the human mind remains subject to timeless forces that drive us to behave in ways we don’t understand, culminating in conflicts that never seem to get resolved. In my work, the settings for these ongoing dramas are the ones with which I am most familiar: the post-war suburbs and shopping centers that cover ever-growing swaths of the American Empire.


My art uses visual storytelling with the mission of advancing our collective education and enhancing public discourse on many different subjects including the environment, society, cultural evolution, and the legacies of history.

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